January 20th 2015, the Federal Government announced a reduction in FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium fees on FHA Loans. Refinancing an FHA Loan has never been faster or easier than it is with Millennial Home Loans FHA Streamline Refinance Loan.


In less than a minute determine your:

New Monthly Mortgage Payment
Cash Required To Close
New Loan Amount
With No Contact By a Loan Officer Unless You Request It


FHA Streamline Refinance Benefits:

Reduce your monthly mortgage insurance premium by up to 37%
Lower your monthly mortgage payment
Skip up to two mortgage payments
Receive back from your current loan servicer a refund of the money held in your escrow account
Take advantage of today’s historically low interest rates
Refinance with our No Closing Cost option

Streamline FHA-to-FHA Refinance Loans – Not For Everyone.
The FHA monthly mortgage insurance premium (MIP) has changed over the years. This means that FHA borrowers who completed their FHA loan with a:

FHA Case Number assigned after June 3, 2013 SHOULD CONSIDER a FHA Streamline Refinance to lower their monthly MIP and possibly lower their interest rate
FHA Case Numbers assigned between June 1, 2009 and June 3, 2013 probably SHOULD NOT complete a FHA Streamline Refinance as the current monthly MIP will end at 78% loan-to-value and the new monthly MIP will last for the life of the loan
FHA Loans endorsed prior to June 1, 2009 SHOULD REFINANCE under a special program launched in 2012 that virtually eliminated the new Upfront MIP cost as well as maintaining low monthly MIP payments to the borrower. Call for more information

Refinancing Is Easy. With a Streamline FHA-to-FHA Loan, FHA Borrowers with a 6 month on-time mortgage payment history (i.e. monthly mortgage payment can’t be made more than 30 days late) can refinance with:

No appraisal report required
No income verification
No minimum credit score (if your credit score is less than 640 call for an interest rate quote)
mortgage only credit report
Both primary and non owner occupied properties allowed
210 - Day "waiting period" between refinances